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Meinders' own compositions mostly concentrates on the solo-piano or chamber music either original or arrangements/transcriptions and many in different versions (one or two hands).

His total output as composer / transcriber is more than 900 works, AND with more than 200 works for the left hand alone Frédéric Meinders is today without comparison the most prolific composer and transcriber for that media in musical history ever - and always keeping up a very spectacular quality in accordance with the original works. One of his idols is Leopold Godowsky, and he (Meinders) often spices up the harmonies like Godowsky did - but always keeps the style and form in accordance with the original. A left hand transcription is NOT the same as the original but often you have to add some new aspect to the piece to make it a piece of art itself. The original must be respected according to the wishes of Mozart, Brahms etc., but a transcription for the left hand often has to be transposed to make it technically possible and since a direct transcription often gives very little to the piece, he - like Godowsky - gives some spice to the piece, not always - but often to make the piece appear as a new composition in itself.

Hans Brofeldt [http://www.left-hand-brofeldt.dk/]

The list of his works (available in PDF format)